1. 83% MATCH?

    Picture our first date… 
    We meet at a coffee house. We awkwardly, but dutifully exchange life stories. Jesus this feels like a job interview. It’s not going well, but we decide to get a couple of drinks at the bar next door. We’re both nervous and we begin to drink a little too much… 
    The next morning, we wake up in a quirky but run-down motel in a poorer section of Reno. You notice you’re wearing a wedding ring on your right hand and a rubber tie around your left upper arm. There’s a spent syringe still lodged, flopping to and fro, in your forearm. You look over and see me wearing nothing but a new wedding band and a white button-down shirt, covered in blood. I have an empty bottle of Glen Goolie Blue in one hand and a large silver revolver in the other. 
    I begin to stir a little and you remove the heroin rig from your arm and make for the bathroom. You are foggily surprised to find the bodies of a heavily tattooed asian man, well-dressed, with long hair, and a young blonde girl, maybe 21, wearing the obvious and outrageous uniform of an unlicensed prostitute. 
    They’ve obviously been shot to death, and have been here for several hours, judging by the state of the bodies and the terrible volume of blood. 
    Stumbling back to the bedroom/living area, you turn your head from the horror, your mind reeling with confusion… 
    Sitting on the bed next to my barely breathing, inebriated body, you gently pluck your watch from the nightstand. As you focus on your watch, the numbers begin to make a dreadful kind of sense… then it hits you. 
    You’ve been gone for four days

  2. Being intentionally rude is not refreshing OR a turn-on. It just makes you a jerk.


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  3. honestly I am simply looking for respectful casual sex, friendship, and vulnerability. I have a partner but she is away for 2 months and has asked me to explore my sexuality with other people

    anyways, I would love to hear about your writings, and listen to Pink Floyd while have really passionate sex.

    — Submitted by C.

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    Submitted by A.

    Submitted by A.

  5. Yeah, you could say that "came off bad."

    1. Him: Oh god! Please tell me your legs are shopped.
    2. Him: :(
    3. Me: Why would they be?
    4. Him: Are you just really thin? Sorry if that came off bad.
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  6. I have red hair…

    OMG! Your hairs on fire!!! Juuuuust kidding.. its not really on fire :)

    Submitted by EC

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  9. Ohhhh boy.

    profile = 5 stars
    personality = 5 stars
    pictures = 5 stars
    wanting to get to know you = priceless

    lol ok a little cheap but I like the way u appear from this and I hope
    we can chat and get to know each other cause I think it would be a
    great time
    - **** 8)

    Submitted by K.

  10. Feminists with KY and a dark corner

    Feminists with KY and a dark corner

    May 2, 2010 – 2:58am

    Are you enough of a feminist to peg a guy? I have to admit you show some unusual traits, even for a kinky lawyer to be.

    Have you had much fun on this system yet?