1. For the gal who enjoys casual sex… 

    I was thinking of knocking on your door and, as you answered and opened it, walking right in, looking you in your beautiful eyes, pulling you forward with one hand behind the small of your back…then placing the other behind the soft nape of your neck. After briefly running my fingertips just behind your slightly tight neck, pulling you toward me roughly, slightly gripping your long hair to turn your head up…and then, in contrast, gently kissing your beautiful lips. Then, I gently brush my lips over the back of your neck while holding you from behind, lifting your long hair, massaging your shoulders while slowly laying my lips longer over your neck, gently kissing and nibbling you. You feel my warm fingertips over your ears, rubbing your earlobes softly between my fingers. Meanwhile, my kisses slowly move lower down your neck, letting you feel my hot breath pass over your clavicle as my fingers massage just behind your ears very softly, putting you in the beginning stages of ultimate relaxation. And, then, slightly pushing you up face first against the wall, after kicking shut the open door (no need for the whole world to see how I’m going to take you, unless you really want to)…you feel my warm most breath over your ears and I take your right ear lobe between my wet lips. And I gently suck your right, now wet, earlobe between my lips, my tongue barely dancing over it. 

    I gently suck your right earlobe, letting my tongue press completely against it, flicking back and forth in my mouth. I begin slowly moving my hands around your hips…pulling you back from the wall I’ve had you pressed against…and letting you feel my warmth as I press against you. My palms open, I begin running my hands ever so slowly over your stomach, gently pressing you closer to me. And I release your right lobe, move to your left ear lobe as my hands begin slowly running up the sides of your body, gently squeezing you between them. 

    And, I slowly begin turning you around to face me…and press you with my chest up against the wall. But, with my secretive hands behind your bra…I look deeply into your eyes…and slowly move my mouth to yours, kissing you lips-to-lips deeply, for the second time…letting you feel my hot mint-tinged breath, and, just barely, my darting tongue as I suck your lower lip. At the same time, my wandering hands unclasp your bra from behind…and then, my hands now against your shoulders, I press you to the wall. With you now wearing only your low-rise heels and skirt, my eyes take you in completely, from your tender calves up your beautiful long thighs, to your exposed bare stomach and your heaving breasts, as you breathe deeper and deeper. And, then, I place one hand in my own long sleeve buttoned shirt, tear it open, sending buttons flying everywhere…and bare chested…press myself against your heaving breasts and pointed erect nipples as I put one hand up against your back, and another over your ass and press you to me for a longer deeper kiss. 

    and as I kiss you…deeply, letting you feel my warm, chest pressed against your breasts, my taut stomach against yours, I break our embrace…keep you pinned against the wall…and hands over your waist, dig the tops of my fingers into your skirt. And in one motion, I drop to my knees pulling your skirt with me :)

  2. on the fuck kill tip my dicks got some funky shit
    rubbing on your pussy till you beg for a hit
    ill give you my mushroom loving so deep girl
    ill buy you a big ass pussy pearl
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  3. I find you incredibly sexy. At least as far as your OKC profile goes. You might actually be a drag and a sea donkey. But reading and checking out your pics gives me the unique sensation that I had a pull of whiskey and then was promptly hit over the head
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  4. Is it cheesy to say that I feel like I know you already? (ANSWER ME!!! …OR ELSE IT GETS THE HOSE AGAIN!!)
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  5. given a reasonable match %TAGE and your sx-n-drg-frndlyndss (From your personality chart (which I suppose one hopes is a not entirely inaccurate representation of your True Nature)), I suspect you’d find the notion of a Bedroom Rave for 2 (or perhaps more; there are gals I know who would enjoy such an event ) quite appealing… you know, music, intoxication of appropriate sorts (trip!), and as much mutually delicious debauchery as we can possibly stand….
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  6. Hey sunshine would you be interested in getting together and fucking right now? Because i find you very sexy/attractive and i think we both would get a lot of enjoyment from me being inside you.
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    Submitted by L.

    Submitted by L.

  8. The worst answer to this that I can think of is “poop.”

    if you were sitting on the beach and after a while you realized you were sitting on my face cos i had been buried in the sand with just my face above the surface would you get up or stay sitting?

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  9. A “set of haiku for you” is only ominous on OkCupid.

    A set of haiku for you, inspired by that brutish picture… 

    She asked for one thing 
    she made me promise bruises 
    gently I obliged 

    She looked so angry 
    when promises of bruises 
    came true with such force 

    So from here I am not sure what direction to go. But I am good for conversations about subversion of authority, metaphysics, and perspectives on why the ocean is salty. Additionally, I am good for the adventure. I find acts of sabotage pleasurable, but acts of pleasure shouldn’t be sabotaged. Finally I know the best way to discover that the ocean is salty is to dive in, past midnight, when the water is darkest.


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  10. Don’t all relations start in a friend zone? I mean beside the truly sexual ones, of coarse.
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