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    Submitted by C.

    Submitted by C.

  2. Irony.

    Ohmigosh, you’re adorable with your dimple… So adorable in fact I’m going to adopt you as my new little sister. Don’t worry, we’ll spend all our time together climbing trees and drinking kool-aid :-). Most important question I will ever ask you: “Golden slumbers fill your eyes/smiles awake you when you rise,” or “You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead”? That should be self explanatory, right?

    You actually seem like a pretty cool person, I’d love to get together sometime and let you cook for me, haha. Wait! You’re not crazy are you?

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  3. Run away move house burn belongings

    I’ve come to the conclusion that being in a cuckold relationship is pretty much a need for me, as opposed to a want. I don’t want to go through life in a vanilla relationship harbouring secret desires, and masturbating to the thought of my wife cheating on me when she’s not around. I thought to myself, I live life to the full, and push it to the limit in pretty much every other aspect - so why don’t I with cuckolding? Long story short, I got a profile on Fetlife. 

    My name is Danny. I’m a 28 year old man from Birmingham. Dad is originally from India, and Mum is also. They came here when they were 3yrs old and 2 yrs old respectively. They both work in dad’s pharmacy, and are true ‘brummies’. We get along pretty well (although that hasn’t always been the case - I was troublesome). I have one younger sister - she’s 21, and currently studying Pharmacy at Manchester University. We have had a fallout lately, and we’re not talking, which is killing me. She is at ‘that age’ where she thinks all of us are tossers. 

    Growing up I was extremely well educated, and was always top of the class in pretty much everything. However, as opposed to my competitors, I had a social life, and was very popular at school. I went to Birmingham University - read Philosophy. Should have gone to Cambridge, but that’s another story. 

    I started a magazine whilst I was at uni, which did extremely well. OK, it exploded. For the last five years I’ve been running my own publishing company. We make national magazines, websites, run experiential campaigns, and provide a whole host of other services. I’m employ around 30 full time staff in our own office building in Birmingham city centre. For my age, I’m considered very successful. These days, I spend most of my time thinking up new products, and strategies. My medium term plan is to sell up when the economy has recovered, get a good price, and travel the world on a sailboat. You really should join me. After that, I want to start a business that gives ZERO stress… perhaps, a beachside cocktail shack? 

    I can party very hard, but can’t really handle hangovers these days. 

    I love running, although the first 20 minutes are hell. After that I’m free like a bird. 

    I have a few close friends, and hundreds of acquaintances. I’m only interested in real friendships with good hearted people. Intelligence is pretty much a must, although this shouldn’t be confused with academia - some of the smartest people I know don’t have any formal qualifications. 

    I’m a switch. I’m naturally dominant. In social settings, I’m always the Alpha male, and if not instantly, I end up that way after opening my mouth. I’ve always been dominant in the bedroom, but really adore the submissive slant that cuckolding gives. 

    I have a huge sex drive. Really. I’m not joking. I’d like my partner to have a slightly higher sex drive though, to explain her need to stray. 

    I’m looking for ‘the one’. My wife. Someone I can take for dinner with my parents, then go home and be ridiculously kinky with. She must want kids, and must see our sexual exploits as a lifestyle choice. 

    I’m extremely loyal, and expect 100% honesty from anyone that I’m with. I’ve been single for a long while now, and have been married to my business. I’m ready for a serious commitment now, and have started dating. Vanilla dating just isn’t working for me. At all. I’m considered to be attractive, and I don’t really have a problem getting dates, but it is soul destroying without the kink element. I don’t see the point in dating someone that doesn’t want a cuckold relationship to the same degree that I do. I don’t want my wife agreeing to it, I want her craving it. 

    Maybe we should go catch a movie sometime? 

    I have to give someone a disciplinary at work now… 

    Danny x


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  4. Ah-nold Schwarze-never.

    Listen, I realize that I am terrible with small talk too, which is fine. I was just going to stalk on your profile as I have been for the past week, while eating ice cream and masturbating with my own tears. But last night I had a dream of us holding hands hundreds of miles away from here, breaking free of this dark world, loving truly, the span of a moment, pure love unleashed. It was so great, real Live,Laugh,Love type shit. Then it took a nasty turn when we got into a huge fight. No sense in sobbing over spilt milk, but I still firmly believe that our lavish house would have looked much better without the sex dungeon add-on, but you just HAD to have your way. Anyway, I woke up before we finished the divorce papers. I just want to say that you can keep the boat but I want my Arnold Schwarzenegger life-size replica, and my TV back.

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