1. Submitted by Anonymous.

    Submitted by Anonymous.

  2. Ya, I’m okay with that.

    Submitted by K:

    Subject: What if I never met you

    What if we never fell in love….

  3. Wishful thinking on a few counts.


    Apr. 18, 2010 – 8:58pm

    Do you realize that in your first pic, I can see your nipple? Not that I’m complaining, because it’s a very well formed nipple, but I was just curious if you knew or not. If so, then that top would be what you should wear on our first date next Saturday at say 4 pm Union Square?


  4. Uh, ew.

    My Self-Summary

    Looking for girls to catfight with and have sex with a close female friend of mine, preferably while I watch, but that’s not necessary. She’s asian and prefers curvy asian girls. I prefer asian or white girls myself :)

  5. The most private thing I’m willing to admit here:
I like to sleep in my underwear. I know its dirty, but sometimes Ilike feeling naughty.

    The most private thing I’m willing to admit here:

    I like to sleep in my underwear. I know its dirty, but sometimes I
    like feeling naughty.

  6. The wonders of glass eggs…

    Submitted by Anonymous:

    Subject: Hmm, somethin a lil different…

    Good Morning MsEyes,

    How are you?
    I know this is a bit unconventional as an icebreaker, and please forgive me if this is not your scene at all, but do you enjoy playing with unusual and exotic yet deliciously tactile items? I have a suggestion you might find arousing…would you like to hear - even if its only to smile at it?

    Ps. you have a wonderful womanly effulgence about you… :)

    —Lovely, I replied with a “No, can’t say I have, thanks

    Subject: RE: Hmm, somethin a lil different…

    I’m doing good thankyou, and you are most welcome! :)
    I was hoping you’d be curious to hear more…now maybe you’ve tried this alreday, and I hope this isn’t too weird, but have you ever seen those polished marble egg shaped ornaments before? You also find solid glass egg paperweights which are perfect…so smooth, solid, heavy, cool to the touch…
    (see pic… )

    Can you imagine placing one on a stool and then standing over it wearing a long, flowing skirt…concealing the intimate spectacle that is about to take place…your naked womanhood lingering in the darkness above…and then slowly lowering yourself until you can feel the cool, hard tip brush your soft, swollen mounds, wiggling your hips gently to help guide it right between your sweltering, silky lips as they begin to spread deliciously around it…settling yourself onto it a little further until you can feel it begin to sink inside…working it deeper and deeper, feeling yourself yawn deliciously around it until you sit firmly on the stool like a Queen…claiming the widest part so that your contractions are able to lift the egg from the seat and draw it completely up into your silky depths to be privately enjoyed…before getting up like a lady, leaving only a mysterious kiss mark where the egg once stood…
    Does that sound appealing to you? :)

  7. O RLY.

    Submitted by Z:

    Missed Instant Message:

    3*****: u look liek u can use some good spanking

  8. The beauty of angels cannot compare to your beauty..

    Submitted by L:

    Mar. 21, 2010 – 12:34pm

    Hello, My name is Brandon. I want to tell you that I think your angelic beauty is absolutely captivating. You seem like your personality is just as beautiful. I have many talents, I can cum over and over again right after another. I have many techniques that I can teach you. I also have been learning some techniques about stimulating the g spot to a squirting g spot orgasm. At the very least If you would like to watch, I have yahoo, gmail, and aim at lothar6996. let me know if you are interested in doing a cam. Sorry If i have offended you.


    Bear in mind he lives the other side of the world too, he followed up with a message saying he would “grow his own wings” to visit me and show me “much pleasures”.
    His English is evidently fantastic..

  9. B: now THATB: will get you liad.B: laid, even.E: that will get him Iliad.B: Killing them softly with greek literature.

    B: now THAT
    B: will get you liad.
    B: laid, even.
    E: that will get him Iliad.
    B: Killing them softly with greek literature.

  10. Uh oh, lock up your daughters.

    Uh oh, lock up your daughters.